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    Why Opt for Graphic Design Training at Globeelixir.

    At Globeelixir, our graphic design training paves the way to a rewarding career in the dynamic design industry. Join our comprehensive program to unleash your creativity, discover diverse career opportunities, stay ahead of industry trends, gain practical experience with professional tools, and develop a compelling portfolio. If you’re eager to turn your passion for design into tangible success, let Globeelixir lead the way.

    • Elevate Your Creative Potential and Visual Communication Abilities
    • Discover Diverse Career Avenues
    • Stay Informed on Industry Developments
    • Gain Practical Experience with Cutting-Edge Tools
    • Craft a Compelling Portfolio
    Male game developer typing on keyboard while developing a new level of the game.


      • Unleashing Creativity and Innovation
      • Mastering Layout and Composition Techniques
      • Crafting Branding and Identity Solutions
      • Elevating User Experience (UX) Design
      • Proficiency in Essential Software Tools
      • Navigating the Realm of Digital Design
      • Understanding the Nuances of Print Design
      • Harnessing the Power of Vector Graphics
      • Perfecting Image Editing Skills
      • Embracing Responsive Design Principles
      • Bringing Ideas to Life with Animation and Motion Graphics
      • Facilitating Collaboration and Effective Communication
      • Insights into Print Production Processes
      • Staying Ahead with Industry Trends Awareness
      • Building a Stellar Portfolio to Showcase Your Talent



    • Overview of graphic design principles
    • Historical context and evolution
    • Elements of design (line, shape, color, texture, etc.)
    • Principles of design (balance, contrast, unity, etc.)
    • Understanding fonts and typefaces
    • Principles of effective typography
    • Basics of color theory
    • Creating color schemes
    • Principles of logo design
    • Creating memorable and versatile logos
    • Designing for print materials (brochures, posters, business cards)
    • Print production knowledge
    • Principles of UI design
    • Creating intuitive user interfaces
    • Basics of motion graphics
    • Animation techniques for graphic designers
    • Basics of web design
    • Responsive design principles

    Proficiency in design tools (Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

    • Building a portfolio showcasing diverse design projects
    • Presentation and curation of a portfolio
    • Ethics in graphic design
    • Freelancing and working in a design agency

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