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    At Globeelixir, our robotics training programs are meticulously crafted in partnership with leading industry professionals and practitioners. Our curriculum is finely tuned to address the precise demands and trends of the market, guaranteeing participants acquire sought-after and contemporary skills. With guidance from seasoned experts, participants delve into industry-specific best practices and emerging trends, providing invaluable insider knowledge.

    • Immersive Learning Experiences
    • Tailored Curriculum Aligned with Industry Standards
    • Building Professional Connections
    • Recognized Accreditation
    • Expert-Led Instruction
    • Real-world Projects and Internship Opportunities
    Robot handshake human background, futuristic digital age


    • Mechanical Design and CAD Mastery
    • Advanced Electronics and Circuit Design
    • Programming Microcontrollers for Automation
    • Understanding Sensors and Actuators in Robotics
    • Delving into Robotics Kinematics and Dynamics
    • Mastering Robotics Software and Programming Techniques
    • Implementing Computer Vision in Robotics Applications
    • Harnessing Machine Learning for Enhanced Robotic Capabilities
    • Exploring Human-Robot Interaction Principles
    • Simulation Techniques for Robotics Development
    • Addressing Ethics and Safety in Robotics Innovation
    • Navigating the World of Autonomous Robotics
    • Integrating Robotic Systems for Seamless Operation


    • History and evolution of robotics
    • Overview of robotics applications
    • Basics of mechanical design
    • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools
    • Electronic components and circuits
    • PCB design fundamentals
    • Introduction to microcontrollers (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
    • Programming microcontrollers in C/C++
    • Kinematic analysis of robotic systems
    • Dynamics and motion planning
    • Feedback control systems
    • PID controllers and tuning
    • Overview of robotics programming languages (Python, ROS)
    • Developing control software
    • Basics of computer vision
    • Applications in robotics
    • Introduction to machine learning algorithms
    • Applications in robotic perception and decision-making
    • Planning and executing robotics projects
    • Team collaboration and communication

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