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    Why Opt for Web Design Training at Globeelixir?

    At Globeelixir, embarking on our web design training marks the initial stride towards a promising future in the digital realm. Our meticulously crafted program equips you with the essential skills to thrive in web design, blending a comprehensive curriculum, practical learning experiences, and expert guidance. With Globeelixir’s esteemed certification and dedicated placement assistance, your career prospects soar to new heights. Seize the opportunity to master the art of crafting stunning websites and position yourself at the forefront of the web design industry. Enroll in Globeelixir’s web design training today to unleash your full potential.

    • Exploring Core Concepts
    • Harnessing Design Tools and Technologies
    • Pioneering Innovation
    • Crafting Your Professional Portfolio


    • Frontend Development Technologies
    • Backend Frameworks Mastery
    • Dive into Database Interaction
    • Unraveling the World of Web Servers
    • Understanding APIs and Serialization
    • Authentication and Authorization Demystified
    • Navigating Version Control Systems
    • Introduction to Containerization and Orchestration
    • Mastering the Art of Testing in Web Development
    • Efficient Package Management Techniques
    • Harnessing the Power of Frontend Build Tools


    • Basics of web design principles
    • Overview of the design process
    • Structuring content with HTML
    • Styling with CSS
    • Responsive design techniques
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • DOM manipulation
    • Adding interactivity to web pages
    • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch, or Figma
    • Creating and manipulating images for the web
    • Principles of UX design
    • Wireframing and prototyping
    • Media queries
    • Designing for various devices and screen sizes
    • Bootstrap or other CSS frameworks
    • Rapid prototyping and responsive design

    Designing for accessibility 

    WCAG guidelines

    Principles of UI design  Creating intuitive user interfaces

    Applying learned skills to real-world projects

    Portfolio development

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