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    Why Choose Multimedia (2D/3D Animation) Training In Globeelixir

    Selecting the perfect training institute is paramount for acquiring essential skills and mastery in multimedia 2D/3D animation. Globeelixir emerges as a top-tier choice for animation education, boasting cutting-edge facilities, seasoned educators, an extensive curriculum, practical training, industry immersion, and career placement support. For those aspiring towards a flourishing career in multimedia animation, Globeelixir offers the ideal platform. Enroll now and commence a transformative journey unlocking boundless creative potentials.

    • Experienced and Industry-Recognized Instructors
    • Comprehensive Curriculum
    • Hands-On Training and Project-Based Learning
    • Industry Exposure and Placement Assistance
    • Flexibility and Customization
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    • Introduction to Multimedia and Animation
    • Principles of Animation
    • 2D Animation Techniques
    • Digital Art and Animation Tools
    • 3D Modeling Fundamentals
    • Texturing and Lighting in 3D Animation
    • Rigging and Character Animation
    • Special Effects and Motion Graphics
    • Interactive Multimedia
    • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
    • Multimedia Scripting and Programming
    • Sound Design for Animation
    • Multimedia Project Management
    • Portfolio Development in Animation


    • Keyframe animation
    • Timing and spacing
    • Squash and stretch
    • Anticipation
    • Creating a visual script
    • Planning scenes and sequences
    • Understanding shot composition
    • Developing unique characters
    • Considering anatomy and proportions
    • Creating character sheets
    • Introduction to 3D modeling software
    • Creating 3D characters and objects
    • Texturing and shading
    • Adding skeletons to 3D models
    • Rigging for movement
    • Animating characters and objects
    • Particle effects
    • Lighting and shading effects
    • Post-production effects

    Learning popular animation software (e.g., Adobe Animate, Autodesk Maya, Blender)

    • Hands-on projects to apply learned concepts
    • Building a portfolio of work

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