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    Why Opt for Logo and Brochure Design Training at Globeelixir?

    Choosing to invest in Photoshop (Logo/Brochure Designing) Training at Globeelixir is a strategic move that promises lasting rewards. Acquire invaluable skills, hands-on experience, and forge meaningful connections within your professional circle. Whether your aspirations lie in freelance design or a career in the design industry, our comprehensive training programs at Globeelixir are tailored to empower you with the expertise and assurance to realize your ambitions. Seize the chance to unleash your creativity and set sail on a thrilling voyage in the realm of design. Enroll in Photoshop training at Globeelixir today.

    • Expert Instructors
    • Comprehensive Curriculum
    • Hands-On Learning
    • Flexible Schedules
    • Networking Events


    • Dive into Photoshop Tools
    • Crafting Effective Logo Designs
    • Essential Brochure Layouts
    • Impactful Typography Techniques
    • Exploring Color Theory Mastery
    • Creating Scalable Logos with Vector Graphics
    • Mastering Image Editing
    • Perfecting Layouts and Compositions
    • Preparing Printing-Ready Files
    • Elevating Client Presentation Skills


    Overview of Photoshop interface and tools

    • Principles of effective logo design
    • Creating memorable and scalable logos
    • Choosing and pairing fonts
    • Color theory for impactful logos
    • Using shapes and paths
    • Ensuring scalability and resolution
    • Incorporating textures and gradients
    • Utilizing custom brushes and effects
    • Understanding client needs
    • Incorporating feedback in the design process

    Introduction to Photoshop tools relevant to brochures

    • Understanding grid systems
    • Balancing elements on a page
    • Choosing fonts and color schemes
    • Creating visual hierarchy with text
    • Enhancing and retouching images
    • Integrating images into brochure layouts
    • Incorporating special effects and graphics
    • Creating interactive elements for digital brochures
    • Setting up files for print
    • Understanding color modes and resolutions

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